Kerala Tour

The Houseboats of Kerala are goliath nation specialties, measuring up to 80 feet long, recovered from being lost to the State inside and out, made with wooden boards, joined and sewed together with coir (coconut Fibre) ropes and painted on the outside with cashew nutshell oil or fish oil. It takes incredible expertise and carefulness to build these titan Houseboats by tying colossal boards of jack wood together.

As the houseboats skim over the Kerala backwaters at a comfortable pace, the sights are new, the sounds are new, and each sensation is new every passing minute. These houseboats are outfitted with all the pleasantries of an inn room like an open parlor, one or two shower joined rooms and a kitchenette, and are to a great degree eco benevolent, blending easily into the scene encompassing them. There are numerous endorsed ways for houseboat travels in Kerala.

All houseboats are extravagance watercrafts with a/c, non a/c couch rooms, manned by a 3 man team incorporating your Captain, Engine driver and individual Chef. The most astounding characterizations honored by Dept. of Tourism for Houseboats are Gold Star and Silver Star. All the Houseboats managed by us are either Silver Star or Gold Star.

Well when you need to encounter the excellence and appeal of these lovely backwater goals of Kerala, book our particularly planned Kerala houseboat voyage bundles.

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